Business Field Consulting

Influenced by many years of experience in the retail sector at international airports we support and advise our clients and partners competently and purposefully.

Shop Concepts

To engage customers in a specific retail concept is a difficult task. Therefore, an attractive shop design is highly important. Our aim is to offer the retail customers new and fresh concepts which will make the shopping experience more attractive.

Product Development

We use our experience and our daily contact with our customers to generate new products. We guide you from the idea generation stage, through the product design stage, all the way towards the product presentation stage at the point of sale. Individual products with a striking design are our strength.

Consulting for Selling

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This can only be achieved when the shop employees have a high personal identification with the shop's concept. They also have to have a good knowledge of the shop's products and they have to be good at sales. All of these goals are guaranteed by our personal involvement with the training on the job of shop employees.

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